Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interviewing Henrrietta

Hey everyone!It's Joanna and Pogisa here and we're going to tell you about our interview with Henrrietta.She is a female journalist and is the editor of the East Palo Alto Today newspaper.On Thursday,Henrrietta came to the Media Center at the 49ers Academy.One of our fellow members from girls TV,Pogisa,interviewed her.She told us about what it was like to be a female journalist and she also gave Pogisa some tips on being a good interviewer.Well that,s it for now,thanks for reading!
xoxox Joanna & Pogisa

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What have we done so far?

Hey everyone,it's Joanna here from girls Tv. Today I'm going to talk about what we've been doing.
Last week we finished filming our segment about the enviorment.Hosted by me and my friend Diana! We also filmed a segment a couple of weeks ago about friendship starring my two good friends Pogisa and Diana.Well that's all for now, we'll keep you updated on all of the cool things we do!

Filming Vidios

The things that I've done in my class I Learned filming videos because she put me on tv then I started to act on tv because it make me fell happy and exited of putting on tv. On wednesday we are going to the media center to bring food to the media center first we act second we going to take a eating test then last we going to eat them.

What Have We Been Doing?

In Girls T.V we have made 2 segments so far.The segments were about Friendship and the Environment. In the Friendship segment Me(Diana) and Pogisa were giving advice on how to be a good friend.Also, we were interveiwing 2 friends(Diana F. & Vanessa M.)They talked about their friendship and some things they had in common. In the Environment segment Me(Diana)&Joanna were giving tips on how to help the environment.Some tips were: plant a tree, turn off your lights, and etc.Also, we talked about what pollution does to the Earth. In addition, on Feburary 17,2010 Girls T.V and some other kids will be going to the Media Canter in Palo Alto Joanna,Giselle,Sadiqua,and I will be a cooking show.We will be making pizza.Enjoy ae videos!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Congratulations on finishing school, completing the first semester of the Girls TV class, and being wonderful people! It has been so much fun for me and I really hope you join next year and bring all your amazing talent and skills! You were so courageous in trying new things and supporting each other - I really want to thank you!!

If you would like to showcase the incredible work you did and enjoy watching the BEST SHOW EVER...Here is the schedule for you and your family and friends to watch the full Girls Tyme show on TV!!!! The show will play on Channel 28 on Comcast if you live in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, or Palo Alto. If not, you can also watch it online.

Sun, Jun 14th 11:00pm 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class
Tue, Jun 16th 6:00pm 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class
Wed, Jun 17th 5:00pm 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class
Thu, Jun 18th 6:00pm 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class
Fri, Jun 19th 10:00pm 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class
Sat, Jun 20th 4:00am 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class
Sat, Jun 20th 4:00pm 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class
Sat, Jun 20th 11:30pm 28 GIRLS TYME - 49ers Academy Girls TV Class

Again, thank you SO MUCH for all your work and I will miss you all over the summer. Feel free to keep posting while you are on vacation and keep us updated on what you are doing!